Independent Film Marketing

Easily create your film marketing plan to prove value to investors, film festivals and distribution. Film marketing is crucial in targeting an audience to come see your film.

Quickly and effective create a package ready for film investment, media awareness and distribution.

Here are the steps in how to identify, build and engage your audience.

You will learn how to increase your fan base, create a buzz online and get media exposure.

Basically what filmbuzz will to do for you is to cut your costs in terms of marketing and distributor expenses.

Not only will you have your assets in place, but prove you have a waiting audience.

What do you need?

Looking for Distribution = Brand, EPK Kit, Audience, Data Sheet, Company

Looking for Funding = Business Plan, EPK

Get Audience to Watch my Film= Build an Audience = Film Page, Brand, Audience, EPK Kit, Contacts Directory


  • pitch your film
  • establish a cohesive brand
  • prepare assets for media and distribution
  • build a defined audience
  • contact leads in your directory download
  • EPK Kit drive traffic to your film