Film Marketing Timeline

From the time you create the script to the time your film is watched by all of your intended viewers, film marketing is the thread you must keep in mind.

Funding Stage

On submitting your business plan to funders, grants or private equity, they going to ask you what is your marketing plan. You need to include your marketing plan, the intended audience and the strategy of how your going to reach your audience.

During Pre Production

  1. Analyze the script and decide which scenes will resonate with your audience.
  2. Decide on the branding of the film, theme, colors, and message.
  3. What are the tactics to reach your audience
  4. What percentage of your total production budget are you going to spend on marketing

Analyzing the Script

The genre and theme of the film is what is going to attract audiences, so which scenes are going to resonate with the viewer, where they feel an emotion. Decide on 3 to 5 scenes you going to concentrate on, for which you need images, video and text to use during your campaign.

Branding your Film

Now that you have chosen scenes, you need to be consistent with your brand. What colors are you going to use, the font on your poster and images, what words are triggers for your audience. Make a list of keywords that you can later embellish into social posts and press releases.

Audience Strategy

The list of keywords above is going to drive your film strategy and where you going to find them. Example if your film is a teen comedy, you most likely to use Tiktok or Instagram, but if your audience is a more mature audience, you likely to do your promo's on Facebook.

Marketing Budget

Huge blockbusters like James Bond films go into the millions of dollars, on average 50% of the total budget. On an independent film you should not go less than 30% as you need to do a lot of outreach to get a dedicated audience excited.

On Set

  1. Schedule the set photographer
  2. Schedule cast photography in costume for head shots
  3. Schedule interviews with cast and key crew

The Set Photographer

You need raw high resolution photography to use for your posters, marketing materials and backdrops for television interviews.

Cast Photography

It is advisable to rent a portrait studio to take head shots of your key cast (in costume) so that your brand stays consistent.

Behind the Scenes

Get high resolution photography and video of behind the scenes, the making of, interviews with the cast and crew.

During Post Production

  1. Compile your marketing materials
  2. EPK Kit

Marketing Materials

You need to keep in mind your teasers, trailers and social marketing serve different purposes. Submitting a trailer to a film festival could look vastly different to a teaser on Twitter. Create as many 1, 5, 10, 30 and 90 second videos as you can.

Teaser vs Trailer

A Teaser is a short video that gives a taste of the feel of the film, a trailer is designed to tell a story without giving the end away.


Your Film EPK Kit is what you send to film festivals and the media to engage press.

You need to be specific in your marketing, how, why, when and where you going to reach your audience.